Adding a Never/Rarely/Sometimes/Usually or Always question

The Never/Rarely/Sometimes/Usually or Always question is an either/or question type. This question type is very useful in self-assessment surveys to gauge user's opinions. It is a slight variation on the True/False question type, but allows more descriptive and meaningful answers.

  1. Navigate to the Add/Edit Never/Rarely/Sometimes/Usually or Always page from a self-assessment survey.

Note: If you need help navigating to your self-assessment survey, refer to: Adding items to a self-assessment survey.

  1. Enter question text in the Question Text textbox.

  2. Enter question feedback in the Question Feedback textbox.

  3. Assign a point value to each answer using the Points drop-down lists. Each Points drop-down list provides values from 0-9.

  4. Click Submit. The question is created and you are returned to the Self-Assessment Survey Canvas.