The MyHealthLab enhancements to CourseCompass provide a mechanism for Instructors to deliver surveys to students that protect the anonymity of each student's responses.

These surveys - called self-assessment surveys - provide Instructors with statistical analysis of anonymous surveys on a question-by-question basis. And, because the survey responses are anonymous, they can reveal what students are thinking and feeling about sensitive subjects. For example, if 45% of your students selected answer "A," and answer "A" is a hot topic or topic of concern, you can shape your course assignments, activities, and lectures to address this issue.

MyHealthLab self-assessment survey results automatically display in your gradebook. Once your student completes an assigned survey, a checkmark appears in your gradebook and in the student's gradebook. You know that the student has taken the survey, but you donít know how they answered the questions.

For students, MyHealthLab now provides immediate feedback upon completion of a survey. Students receive feedback for individual questions and for the entire survey, encouraging positive behavior change.