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About Multisemester Student Enrollment

Some textbooks and their related CourseCompass course materials may cover two or more semesters' worth of study. When the follow-on CourseCompass course is created with the same course materials, students do not need to purchase an additional CourseCompass student access code (or use a credit card) to enroll in the second or third semester course. Also, the online enrollment process is streamlined for these students, so they can enroll in the subsequent CourseCompass course more quickly than the first.

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Types of students who can benefit

Students who can take advantage of this feature are students who have registered and enrolled in one CourseCompass course and who then want to:
  • Enroll in the follow-on CourseCompass course as part of a multisemester series
  • Retake a particular course, by enrolling in a CourseCompass course taught with matching CourseCompass course materials
  • Switch to an alternate class section of a course being taught with matching CourseCompass course materials, by enrolling in the CourseCompass course for this other section
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How instructors use this feature

To enable students to use the multisemester type of enrollment, instructors must create CourseCompass courses to be used in the subsequent enrollment by using the same course materials. Courses that are copied and courses that are created by selecting exactly the same set of course materials from the catalog listing within CourseCompass qualify as "using the same course materials." For example, course materials must not vary by edition or be premium vs. standard. With this knowledge, instructors can also advise students whether they will be able to enroll in a subsequent course without needing a student access code (or to purchase course access with a credit card).


  • When students enroll in a new course using this feature, they remain enrolled in and their name continues to appear in the roster of any other CourseCompass courses which have not yet reached their end date.
  • For detailed instructions in enrolling in another course using the multisemester feature, instructors can direct students to the CourseCompass Student Quick Start Guide.
  • As always, instructors need to communicate to students the course ID for their unique CourseCompass course.
  • Instructors should consult their textbook sales representative to determine the correct CourseCompass ISBNs to be ordered for students enrolling in each CourseCompass course. For example, students will need to make a purchase to enroll in the first semester of a multisemester course series. If you do not know who your sales representative is, enter your zip code on the Find your rep page and click Go.
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How students enroll using this feature

To use the multisemester enrollment feature, students are still required to enroll in each CourseCompass course using the online registration process and to provide the course ID that is unique to their instructor's CourseCompass course. The differences are as follows:
  • Students who are enrolling in another course created with the same course materials do not need to obtain a student access code or purchase course access online.
  • The enrollment process for these students is shorter because their account information is already prefilled from their previous registration/enrollment.
  • The enrollment process for these students is shorter because their account information is already prefilled from their previous registration/enrollment.
  • Students typically register and enroll for CourseCompass courses by clicking the Register button at However, accessing the enrollment process from this location requires that students either enter a student access code or purchase course access online. To use the short-cut enrollment process, students should enroll in another course by clicking the Enroll in a New Course button (as described below).
Students who have previously enrolled in a CourseCompass course and who want to enroll in a follow-on multisemester type course, retake a course, or enroll in another section of the same course can access this feature by completing the following steps:
  1. Log in to
  2. Click Enroll in a Course.
  3. Enter the course ID you received from your instructor.
    Note: If you are prompted to provide an access code or buy access online, the course materials do not match those for your previous course. See your instructor.
  4. Confirm the course information, and then click Next.
  5. Click Enter Course Now to start using the new course.
Note: Students who are no longer actively enrolled in any CourseCompass course are not able to access the My CourseCompass page. However, they can access the multisemester enrollment feature by going to their Pearson Account Summary, logging in, clicking Enroll in a Course, entering the new course ID received from their instructor, and following the on-screen instructions to enroll. Once students are enrolled in the new course, they can log in at to access their My CourseCompass page.

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